This documentation is only valid for older versions of Wordfence. If you are using Wordfence 7 or later, please visit our new documentation.

I see an error that says 'Wordfence error: No encryption key found!' How do I fix that?

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In rare cases you may see this error in scan results. Normally, this key is generated for your site when Wordfence is first installed.

The best way to regenerate it is to reinstall Wordfence, using the steps on the page below. This process will reset your options and any permanently blocked IPs, advanced blocking, etc. You might be able to save these options using the "Export Wordfence Settings" button at the bottom of the options page, then save the long "token" it gives you, and import the settings after reinstalling, thought it may bring the error back. You might try setting it up from scratch to be sure.

How to reinstall Wordfence completely