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Scheduled scans are not starting

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This is from one of my favorite members, Tracie, who managed to troubleshoot why her scans aren’t working. Rather than summarizing, I thought I’d post her email to me in it’s entirety. If your scheduled scans are not starting, this may help you, too.

Hi Mark,

Thought I’d sent you an email letting you know that I seemed to have fixed the WF scheduled scans issue (along with all the other issues I was having with other things that were supposed to run scheduled tasks & crons that had stopped working).

A few days ago I installed UpdraftPlus, a backup to the cloud plugin that is supposed to run scheduled backups. They didn’t happen but Updraft has an excellent trouble-shooting page about this: , plus I did more hunting in the WP forums and found some interesting info.

It seems ever since updates earlier this year, many times W3 Total Cache (and often WP SuperCache) break the native WP scheduler, especially if you have it set to cache the database to disk. Updraft’s trouble-shooting page offered several things, including how to add the WP Alternate Scheduler, but I didn’t have to go that far. First I deactivated W3TC and replaced it with Quick Cache, since WP SuperCache seems to also cause similar issues.

Quick Cache works great, by the way (much easier & my load speed is even faster now), but the scheduling still didn’t work. I deleted the W3TC plugin, but scheduling still didn’t work. Then I was in my file manager thinking about installing the WP Alternate Scheduler code into the wp-config file and noticed that a W3TC-config file was still in the index. I manually ran a full backup to be on the safe side and then deleted the W3TC-config file.

This morning when I got up my inbox was filled with notifications that all different scheduled tasks had completed, including the WF scan! Absolutely beautiful! HAPPY DANCE!!!

I thought I’d pass this info on to you so that you could possibly pass it on to others that are having WF scheduled scan issues and/or maybe use this information for WF in some way.

Hope this helps you and others, Tracie