You sent me a warning that the plugin "" needs an upgrade. How do I find out what plugin is named ""?

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If you get an email from Wordfence that says The plugin "" needs an upgrade and lists a version number, don't panic. One of the reasons that we found that cause this was embedded plugins in themes. Because they are embedded in the theme you often don't get a notification about an upgrade since the plugin code is in the theme. The easiest way to find out if this is the cause of your warning is to google the version number you received in the email and the theme name. Most often a theme developer has already released an update and if not, a forum post in their support area may help speed the process up.

Many thanks to Steve Day, a user with, who helped troubleshoot this one down.

IF you find a different reason be sure to email it, with a link to this article, to feedback [at] and we'll include it here.