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  1. Set up Wordfence on Multisite‏‎ (2 revisions)
  2. Web Application Firewall - Basic WordPress Protection vs. Extended Protection‏‎ (2 revisions)
  3. Cancel my wordfence account‏‎ (2 revisions)
  4. After moving a site or deleting some files, I see: PHP Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required /var/www/html/wordfence-waf.php‏‎ (2 revisions)
  5. Help! I locked myself out and can't get back in. What can I do?‏‎ (2 revisions)
  6. I see a "connection reset" error message after updating‏‎ (2 revisions)
  7. Keep HTTrack users from downloading my website‏‎ (2 revisions)
  8. Install my Premium Wordfence Key‏‎ (2 revisions)
  9. I see an error that says 'Wordfence error: No encryption key found!' How do I fix that?‏‎ (2 revisions)
  10. My scheduled posts are failing. Is wordfence to blame?‏‎ (2 revisions)
  11. Google is indexing 'wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wordfence logHuman' How do I stop that?‏‎ (2 revisions)
  12. A feature in Wordfence isn't working. What could be causing that?‏‎ (2 revisions)
  13. Web Application Firewall - How to use Learning Mode‏‎ (2 revisions)
  14. Possible caching issues on Pagely and other hosts‏‎ (2 revisions)
  15. IP addresses in Live Traffic are all the same, or visitors are blocked without breaking any rules‏‎ (2 revisions)
  16. Like to show your support? Cool badges to put on your site‏‎ (2 revisions)
  17. Red error messages appear in the activity log‏‎ (2 revisions)
  18. Wordfence API‏‎ (2 revisions)
  19. My site was hacked. How do I use Wordfence to clean it?‏‎ (2 revisions - redirect page)
  20. Referrer spam‏‎ (2 revisions)
  21. I cleaned my site with Wordfence but Google still says I have malware. What must I do?‏‎ (3 revisions)
  22. You sent me a warning that the plugin "" needs an upgrade. How do I find out what plugin is named ""?‏‎ (3 revisions)
  23. Servers and IP Range‏‎ (3 revisions)
  24. Renew a Wordfence key bought with PayPal‏‎ (3 revisions)
  25. I'd like to reinstall Wordfence completely. How do I do that?‏‎ (3 revisions)
  26. Your browser sent an invalid security token to Wordfence. How do I fix that?‏‎ (3 revisions)
  27. Set up Falcon cache with WooCommerce‏‎ (3 revisions)
  28. My server reports a "suspicious process" that has been running longer than expected. What is this?‏‎ (3 revisions)
  29. My Scan terminated with an error "...error connecting to the the Wordfence scanning servers..."‏‎ (3 revisions)
  30. How can I get signed up to get emailed when Wordfence releases critical security information?‏‎ (3 revisions)
  31. How exactly do I install my premium API key?‏‎ (3 revisions - redirect page)
  32. You guys wanted me to open the JavaScript console - How do I do that?‏‎ (3 revisions - redirect page)
  33. Emails are no longer being sent from Wordfence, but alerts are enabled‏‎ (3 revisions)
  34. Whois Lookup‏‎ (3 revisions)
  35. My site uses IPV6. Does Wordfence support that?‏‎ (3 revisions)
  36. Changelog‏‎ (3 revisions)
  37. Reset my premium Wordfence key for another domain‏‎ (4 revisions)
  38. Wordfence Dashboard‏‎ (4 revisions)
  39. WhitelistIP‏‎ (4 revisions)
  40. Wordfence scan scheduling‏‎ (4 revisions)
  41. Inconsistent file permissions. tmp/configCache.php‏‎ (4 revisions)
  42. Handling script conflicts on admin pages‏‎ (4 revisions)
  43. I enabled Falcon Caching and my site errors out. What went wrong?‏‎ (4 revisions)
  44. I want to use my API key on another site. How do I do that?‏‎ (4 revisions)
  45. I got a message that my cron key doesn't match the saved key. What does that mean?‏‎ (4 revisions)
  46. I'm sorry. I'm not very technical. How do I take a screenshot?‏‎ (5 revisions)
  47. My scan is stuck. What does fseek() function.fseek: stream does not support seeking mean?‏‎ (5 revisions)
  48. I'm using WF's cellphone authentication but I don't receive the sms. What's wrong?‏‎ (5 revisions)
  49. Wordfence Password Auditing‏‎ (5 revisions)
  50. Safely fetch a list of users posts‏‎ (5 revisions)
  51. Blocked IPs‏‎ (5 revisions)
  52. I got an error that says my API key is being used by another site. How do I fix that?‏‎ (5 revisions)
  53. Admin pages with query string redirect to the frontpage‏‎ (5 revisions)
  54. I paid for my API key. Now where do I get it and how do I install it?‏‎ (5 revisions)
  55. How do I clean my hacked site using Wordfence?‏‎ (5 revisions)
  56. My scans aren't starting. What would cause that?‏‎ (6 revisions)
  57. How do I fix a 'Scan can't continue - stored data not found after a fork. Got type: boolean' error?‏‎ (6 revisions)
  58. Live traffic‏‎ (7 revisions)
  59. Misconfigured How does Wordfence get IPs notice‏‎ (7 revisions)
  60. PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size? What does that mean?‏‎ (7 revisions)
  61. Extract blocked IPs from the database?‏‎ (7 revisions)
  62. LiteSpeed aborts Wordfence scans and updates. How do I prevent that?‏‎ (7 revisions)
  63. I love Wordfence! I'd like to buy a premium license but I don't have a credit card. Do you take PayPal?‏‎ (8 revisions)
  64. My options don't save. How can I fix that?‏‎ (8 revisions)
  65. I have a referrer/IP address blocked in advanced blocking but Google Analytics says it hit my site. Why is that?‏‎ (8 revisions)
  66. Facebook links result in a Wordfence blocked message. How do I fix that?‏‎ (8 revisions)
  67. Advanced Blocking‏‎ (8 revisions)
  68. Scan time limit‏‎ (9 revisions)
  69. Wordfence constants for advanced configuration‏‎ (10 revisions)
  70. Wordfence diagnostics‏‎ (10 revisions)
  71. How do I...‏‎ (11 revisions)
  72. Wordfence scanning‏‎ (12 revisions)
  73. How Wordfence handles Private Addresses‏‎ (12 revisions)
  74. External Links‏‎ (13 revisions)
  75. Wordfence system requirements‏‎ (15 revisions)
  76. Understanding scan results‏‎ (15 revisions)
  77. My scans don't finish. What would cause that?‏‎ (18 revisions)
  78. WAF‏‎ (19 revisions)
  79. Web Application Firewall FAQ‏‎ (22 revisions)
  80. Falcon Cache‏‎ (23 revisions)
  81. Troubleshooting and Common Errors‏‎ (24 revisions)
  82. Web Application Firewall Setup‏‎ (24 revisions)
  83. Migrating wordfence‏‎ (25 revisions)
  84. Country blocking‏‎ (27 revisions)
  85. Cellphone sign-in‏‎ (32 revisions)
  86. Plugins that might have issues and solutions to them‏‎ (69 revisions)
  87. Wordfence Official Documentation‏‎ (102 revisions)
  88. Wordfence options‏‎ (106 revisions)

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