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  1. Set up Wordfence on Multisite‏‎ (6,002 views)
  2. Open the JavaScript console for troubleshooting plugins‏‎ (5,936 views)
  3. Emails are no longer being sent from Wordfence, but alerts are enabled‏‎ (5,598 views)
  4. Delete Wordfence data or reset Wordfence to the default settings‏‎ (5,241 views)
  5. Wordfence constants for advanced configuration‏‎ (5,240 views)
  6. I'd like to reinstall Wordfence completely. How do I do that?‏‎ (5,229 views)
  7. Like to show your support? Cool badges to put on your site‏‎ (5,171 views)
  8. Handling script conflicts on admin pages‏‎ (5,163 views)
  9. Google is indexing 'wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wordfence logHuman' How do I stop that?‏‎ (5,014 views)
  10. I enabled Falcon Caching and my site errors out. What went wrong?‏‎ (4,825 views)
  11. Extract blocked IPs from the database?‏‎ (4,813 views)
  12. How can I get signed up to get emailed when Wordfence releases critical security information?‏‎ (4,679 views)
  13. How do I fix a 'Scan can't continue - stored data not found after a fork. Got type: boolean' error?‏‎ (4,641 views)
  14. IP addresses in Live Traffic are all the same, or visitors are blocked without breaking any rules‏‎ (4,576 views)
  15. I got an error that says my API key is being used by another site. How do I fix that?‏‎ (4,395 views)
  16. I want to use my API key on another site. How do I do that?‏‎ (4,270 views)
  17. Reset my premium Wordfence key for another domain‏‎ (4,269 views)
  18. My site uses IPV6. Does Wordfence support that?‏‎ (4,127 views)
  19. Inconsistent file permissions. tmp/configCache.php‏‎ (4,006 views)
  20. Safely fetch a list of users posts‏‎ (3,675 views)
  21. DoNotCache‏‎ (3,476 views)
  22. A feature in Wordfence isn't working. What could be causing that?‏‎ (3,424 views)
  23. Set up Falcon cache with WooCommerce‏‎ (3,391 views)
  24. ImportSettings‏‎ (3,279 views)
  25. You sent me a warning that the plugin "" needs an upgrade. How do I find out what plugin is named ""?‏‎ (3,126 views)
  26. Your browser sent an invalid security token to Wordfence. How do I fix that?‏‎ (2,970 views)
  27. My scheduled posts are failing. Is wordfence to blame?‏‎ (2,960 views)
  28. Red error messages appear in the activity log‏‎ (2,921 views)
  29. Install my Premium Wordfence Key‏‎ (2,761 views)
  30. I see a "connection reset" error message after updating‏‎ (2,748 views)
  31. I cleaned my site with Wordfence but Google still says I have malware. What must I do?‏‎ (2,644 views)
  32. Scan results show modified theme or plugin files‏‎ (2,622 views)
  33. I want to password protect my wp-admin folder for added security. How should I do that?‏‎ (2,594 views)
  34. Why did I get a blank page after a Wordpress automatic update?‏‎ (2,510 views)
  35. Keep HTTrack users from downloading my website‏‎ (2,370 views)
  36. Cancel my wordfence account‏‎ (2,343 views)
  37. My server reports a "suspicious process" that has been running longer than expected. What is this?‏‎ (2,200 views)
  38. Verify that country blocking is working‏‎ (2,108 views)
  39. I'm not sure I understand what the "Scan public facing site" option does. Can you explain?‏‎ (2,009 views)
  40. Error when trying to add a username to cell phone sign-in‏‎ (1,987 views)
  41. Visitors are being blocked when they have not broken any rules. What can cause this?‏‎ (1,967 views)
  42. I see 'false' listed instead of an IP address in Live Traffic.‏‎ (1,962 views)
  43. Referrer spam‏‎ (1,951 views)
  44. I cleaned my site using Wordfence. Google still says I have malware. How do I fix that?‏‎ (1,897 views)
  45. Send the activity log to Wordfence for troubleshooting‏‎ (1,895 views)
  46. I got an error about Wordfence not being able to sign in as admin when trying to scan‏‎ (1,878 views)
  47. Block‏‎ (1,862 views)
  48. I got an error that said 'Fatal error: Cannot call overloaded function for non-object'. What does the mean?‏‎ (1,855 views)
  49. Scheduled scans are not starting‏‎ (1,848 views)
  50. Admin pages with query string redirect to the frontpage‏‎ (1,828 views)

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