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  1. A feature in Wordfence isn't working. What could be causing that?
  2. Admin pages with query string redirect to the frontpage
  3. Advanced Blocking
  4. After moving a site or deleting some files, I see: PHP Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required /var/www/html/wordfence-waf.php
  5. transactions blocked
  6. Block
  7. Blocked IPs
  8. Cancel my wordfence account
  9. Cellphone sign-in
  10. Changelog
  11. Country blocking
  12. Database
  13. Delete Wordfence data or reset Wordfence to the default settings
  14. DoNotCache
  15. Emails are no longer being sent from Wordfence, but alerts are enabled
  16. Error when trying to add a username to cell phone sign-in
  17. External Links
  18. Extract blocked IPs from the database?
  19. Facebook links result in a Wordfence blocked message. How do I fix that?
  20. Falcon Cache
  21. For some reason, there is nothing showing on Wordfence pages in my admin area
  22. Google is indexing 'wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wordfence logHuman' How do I stop that?
  23. Handling script conflicts on admin pages
  24. Help! I locked myself out and can't get back in. What can I do?
  25. How Wordfence handles Private Addresses
  26. How can I get signed up to get emailed when Wordfence releases critical security information?
  27. How do I...
  28. How do I clean my hacked site using Wordfence?
  29. How do I fix a 'Scan can't continue - stored data not found after a fork. Got type: boolean' error?
  30. I'd like to reinstall Wordfence completely. How do I do that?
  31. I'm not sure I understand what the "Scan public facing site" option does. Can you explain?
  32. I'm sorry. I'm not very technical. How do I take a screenshot?
  33. I'm using WF's cellphone authentication but I don't receive the sms. What's wrong?
  34. IP addresses in Live Traffic are all the same, or visitors are blocked without breaking any rules
  35. I cleaned my site using Wordfence. Google still says I have malware. How do I fix that?
  36. I cleaned my site with Wordfence but Google still says I have malware. What must I do?
  37. I enabled Falcon Caching and my site errors out. What went wrong?
  38. I got a 'Forbidden' message when trying to use a Wordfence feature. What should I do?
  39. I got a message that my cron key doesn't match the saved key. What does that mean?
  40. I got an error about Wordfence not being able to sign in as admin when trying to scan
  41. I got an error that said 'Fatal error: Cannot call overloaded function for non-object'. What does the mean?
  42. I got an error that says my API key is being used by another site. How do I fix that?
  43. I have a referrer/IP address blocked in advanced blocking but Google Analytics says it hit my site. Why is that?
  44. I love Wordfence! I'd like to buy a premium license but I don't have a credit card. Do you take PayPal?
  45. I paid for my API key. Now where do I get it and how do I install it?
  46. I see 'false' listed instead of an IP address in Live Traffic.
  47. I see a "connection reset" error message after updating
  48. I see an error that says 'Wordfence error: No encryption key found!' How do I fix that?
  49. I want to password protect my wp-admin folder for added security. How should I do that?
  50. I want to use my API key on another site. How do I do that?
  51. ImportSettings
  52. Inconsistent file permissions. tmp/configCache.php
  53. Install my Premium Wordfence Key
  54. Keep HTTrack users from downloading my website
  55. Like to show your support? Cool badges to put on your site
  56. LiteSpeed aborts Wordfence scans and updates. How do I prevent that?
  57. Live traffic
  58. Migrating wordfence
  59. Misconfigured How does Wordfence get IPs notice
  60. My Scan terminated with an error "...error connecting to the the Wordfence scanning servers..."
  61. My options don't save. How can I fix that?
  62. My scan is stuck. What does fseek() function.fseek: stream does not support seeking mean?
  63. My scans aren't starting. What would cause that?
  64. My scans don't finish. What would cause that?
  65. My scheduled posts are failing. Is wordfence to blame?
  66. My server reports a "suspicious process" that has been running longer than expected. What is this?
  67. My site uses IPV6. Does Wordfence support that?
  68. Open the JavaScript console for troubleshooting plugins
  69. PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size? What does that mean?
  70. Plugins that might have issues and solutions to them
  71. Possible caching issues on Pagely and other hosts
  72. Red error messages appear in the activity log
  73. Referrer spam
  74. Renew a Wordfence key bought with PayPal
  75. Reset my premium Wordfence key for another domain
  76. Safely fetch a list of users posts
  77. Scan results show modified theme or plugin files
  78. Scan time limit
  79. Scheduled scans are not starting
  80. Send the activity log to Wordfence for troubleshooting
  81. Servers and IP Range
  82. Set up Falcon cache with WooCommerce
  83. Set up Wordfence on Multisite
  84. Troubleshooting and Common Errors
  85. Understanding scan results
  86. Verify that country blocking is working
  87. Visitors are being blocked when they have not broken any rules. What can cause this?
  88. WAF
  89. Web Application Firewall - Basic WordPress Protection vs. Extended Protection
  90. Web Application Firewall - Blocked Ajax Requests
  91. Web Application Firewall - How to use Learning Mode
  92. Web Application Firewall FAQ
  93. Web Application Firewall Setup
  94. What data does Wordfence send to the scanning servers during scans?
  95. What do Wordfence's cloud servers do?
  96. What does Wordfence scan?
  97. WhitelistIP
  98. Whois Lookup
  99. Why did I get a blank page after a Wordpress automatic update?
  100. Wordfence API
  101. Wordfence Dashboard
  102. Wordfence Official Documentation
  103. Wordfence Password Auditing
  104. Wordfence Update failed to copy a file
  105. Wordfence constants for advanced configuration
  106. Wordfence diagnostics
  107. Wordfence options
  108. Wordfence scan scheduling
  109. Wordfence scanning
  110. Wordfence system requirements
  111. You sent me a warning that the plugin "" needs an upgrade. How do I find out what plugin is named ""?
  112. Your browser sent an invalid security token to Wordfence. How do I fix that?

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