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===[[External Links]]===
===[[External Links]]===
:Links to tools from Google, Facebook, and others
:Links to tools from Google, Facebook, and others
===[[Like to show your support? Cool badges to put on your site | Downloads]]===

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Welcome to the official Wordfence documentation wiki. 

Be sure to visit our official forums on if you are a free customer, and if you are a Premium customer you can find our priority support ticketing system on this page.

Wordfence Features and Options

Learn how Wordfence features work and about the options you can set

Troubleshooting and Common Errors

Solutions to problems and error messages you may see

How do I...

Answers to common "how to" questions

System Requirements

Requirements including minimum memory, OS, web server, CPU and more

Wordfence API

API calls that developers can use in themes and plugins

External Links

Links to tools from Google, Facebook, and others