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* [[Set up Falcon cache with WooCommerce]]
* [[Set up Falcon cache with WooCommerce]]
* [[Verify that country blocking is working]]
* [[Verify that country blocking is working]]
* [[Whitelist Google's IP ranges]]
== External Links ==
== External Links ==

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Welcome to the official Wordfence documentation wiki. 

Please also view our official FAQ on, be sure to visit our official forums if you are a free customer on and if you are a Premium customer you can find our priority support ticketing system on this page.

Wordfence Documentation

  • Wordfence options - Comprehensive documentation on all the options you see on the Wordfence options page in the plugin.
  • Wordfence scanning - How to use Wordfence scanning and how it works.
  • Live traffic - A detailed guide to Wordfence live traffic, what each piece of data means and the tab views and how to use them.
  • Wordfence scan scheduling - A guide to how to schedule scans in Wordfence.
  • Falcon Cache - A guide to configuring and using Wordfence Caching and Falcon Cache Engine.
  • Blocked IPs - How to interpret and use the Blocked IPs page in Wordfence to manage blocked, locked out and throttled IPs.
  • Wordfence Password Auditing - How our new password auditing tools can help you say goodbye to weak user passwords
  • Cellphone Sign-in - How to set up cellphone sign-in in Wordfence and how to sign-in with your cellphone.
  • Country Blocking - How to block attacks from specific countries.
  • Whois Lookup - How to use Whois and find out who owns IP addresses and block networks.
  • Advanced Blocking - How to use Advanced Blocking to block ranges of IP addresses and browser patterns.

System Requirements

  • Wordfence System Requirements - A detailed guide to what you need to run WordPress with Wordfence including memory, OS, web server, CPU and more.

Wordfence API


Troubleshooting and Common Errors

Cell Phone Sign-In

Falcon Caching and Basic Caching

Firewall and Blocking

LiteSpeed Server Issues

Scanning and Scan Results

Other Issues

How do I....?

External Links

Norton Blacklist Removal: HERE

ESET Blacklist Removal: HERE

Google 'Request for reconsideration' HERE

Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger Here
(So you can rescrape content when Facebook says it can't get to the link you posted)