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I cleaned my site with Wordfence but Google still says I have malware. What must I do?

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If your site is displaying a 'This site may be hacked' or spam links in Google search, it may take Google between 4-6 weeks to clear this message, and remove the spam links from their index. You can speed the process up if you have a Google Webmasters Account ( Login to your account, verify your site and check the following:

Search Traffic >> Manual Actions. Review any necessary information here and request a review.

Next go to Crawl >> Fetch as Google. Fetch one of the spammy URL's. It should return a 404. If it does, then do a Fetch as Google on the index of the site, then a button will appear 'Submit to Index', click on it then select this url and all pages and submit.

Since you own a site that was infected with malware, we highly recommend that you run an antivirus scan on your machine, or anyone that manages your site. This is one of the most common causes for sites getting infected outside of website security issues. AVG and Malwarebytes have free options you can download and install.