This documentation is only valid for older versions of Wordfence. If you are using Wordfence 7 or later, please visit our new documentation.

Wordfence Dashboard

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The Wordfence Dashboard provides valuable insight into the current state of your site’s security. The Notifications highlight actions that need to be taken, Feature Status reminds you what is enabled and disabled, and the Threat Defense Feed counts share the power of our continuously growing collection of malware signatures and Firewall rules protecting your site. You can view Total Attacks Blocked to see any attack spikes across the entire Wordfence Network as well as the activity specific to your site with the top IPs blocked, login attempts and top countries attacking your site.

Note: The Dashboard page was introduced in version 6.3.0, in January 2017. Some of the data, including counts of some attacks, is measured differently from before, so it may take a few days for new information to accumulate after you update your site to version 6.3.0.
The admin menu has also been reorganized, so some familiar features have moved to a new page or tab. Blocking features are now on the Firewall menu, and the Cellphone Sign-In and Password Audit are now on the Tools menu.
You can find more details about this version on our blog:

Last Scan Completed

The last scan on your site will be listed here, along with the status, showing whether it has detected any issues or not. You can click the link to view the results if there were any issues found.


Notifications will appear here for certain events, such as new scan results, or pending plugin, theme, and WordPress core updates. These notifications have a corresponding number on the Wordfence menu, and can be dismissed by clicking the 'X' at the end of the line.

Feature Status

This table shows which features your site is currently using. You can click the link on each feature to view its settings. Some features need multiple settings to become active. For example, Country Blocking will appear disabled if no countries are selected, even if you configure the blocking options at the top of the page.

Threat Defense Feed

The Threat Defense Feed section shows the number of malware signatures and firewall rules in the free feed and the premium feed. Premium users receive the newest data in the feed as it is released, while free users receive updates 30 days later.

Top IPs Blocked

This list shows the top IP addresses that were blocked, along with their country and the number of times they were blocked. You can choose a time period at the top of the list.

Login Attempts

This table shows recent successful logins and failed login attempts. Click the button at the top to choose Successful or Failed login attempts.

Firewall Summary - Attacks blocked for (site name)

The number of blocked attacks is counted here, for the current day, week, and month. On new installations or upon updating to version 6.3.0, this may take some time to accumulate statistics.

Total Attacks Blocked - Wordfence Network

The Wordfence network chart shows the attacks blocked in a 24-hour period, from IPs identified as malicious by the Wordfence security network. You can also select the last 30 days.

Top Countries by Number of Attacks

Similar to the Top IPs Blocked list, this will show a total of blocks sorted by country.